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Blog of Chief of the National Defense University

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Международное сотрудничество
Официальный визит депутатов Парламента во главе с Даригой Назарбаевой в Национальный университет обороны
ЧЖАН ХАНЬХУЭЙ Черезвычайный и Полномоченный Посол Китайской Народной Республики в РК с лекцией на тему «Общая ситауция в мире и сегодняшнее развитие Китая», 2018 г.
генерал-лейтенант А.П ЛАПИН Командующий войсками Центрального военного округа Вооруженных Сил Российской Федерации лекция на тему: «Планирование и результаты операции Военно-космических сил России в Сирийской Арабской Республике», 2018 г.
вице-адмирал БЕН БЕККЕРИНГ Военный представитель Нидерландов в НАТО и ЕС лекция на тему «Опыт Нидерландов по участию в миротворческих операциях НАТО и ООН», 2017 г.
генерал-лейтенант ЧАРЛЬЗ БРАУН Заместитель командующего ЦЕНТКОМ США визит с лекцией на тему: «Опыт операций Центрального Командования США», 2017 г.
Л.Г. ИВАШОВ Президент Академии геополитических проблем, действительный член Академии национальной безопасности РФ, доктор исторических наук, профессор кафедры международной журналистики Московского государственного института международных отношений
генерал-лейтенант МАЙКЛ ГАРРЕТ Командующий Сухопутным компонентом Центрального командования ВС США с лекцией на тему «Планирование мультинациональных военных операций», 2016 г.
С.Ф. ВИКУЛОВ Президент Академии проблем военной экономики и финансов прочитал лекцию на тему «Военная экономика», 2016 г.

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Фильм о Национальном университете обороны имени Первого Президента Республики Казахстан - Елбасы

Military-theoretical magazine «Vestnik»

Вестник.jpg Scientific educational magazine «Vestnik» is published at the National Defense University. Registration certificate №131777-Ж was given by the Ministry of culture and information of the Republic of Kazakhstan 21 November 2012 ISSN 2308-1112.
Periodicity of the edition is once a quarter.


Muhamedzhanova S.Sh., professor-academic secretary of the National Defense University.

Editorial board:

Deputy editor-in-chief Kirichenko A.I., candidate of military sciences – chief of operational art and tactics department of NDU, colonel.
Executive secretary Martinov A.A., candidate of military sciences – deputy chief of troops management of NDU, lieutenant colonel.

Members of Editorial board:

Gruzin V.V., doctor of technical sciences, professor – professor of equipment support management department of NDU.
Buloichik V.M., doctor of historical sciences, professor – Military Academy of the Republic of Belorussia, colonel.
Nurakov S.N., doctor of technical sciences, professor – professor of equipment support management department of NDU.
Furman I.I., candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor – chief of department of NDU of Ukraine, captain.
Pankov S.V., ., candidate of military sciences – professor of operational art and tactics department of NDU, colonel.
Moldabaev A.G., candidate of philosophy sciences, chief of military training and upbringing department, military-historical research of scientific centre of NDU, colonel.
Zheksenbinov B.N., candidate of pedagogical sciences – chief of doctrine of NDU, colonel.
Shumekov S.Sh., candidate of pedagogical sciences – teacher of physical training and sport department of NDU, lieutenant.



1. All the articles are published in Kazakh, Russian and English in the magazines. The manuscript of a scientific article should not exceed five pages including charts (diagrams) in A4 format. The article is presented to Editorial staff (the secretary) in paper and electronic format (Office 2000, Word, Times New Roman, 14 pt) in a single copy.

2. Type of text is in Russian in Times New Roman, font size is 14 and single spacing. For the text in state language is in Times New Roman KZ, font size is 14 and single spacing. The headline of a scientific article is formed in block letters in the middle of page as required GOST 7.5-98. Above the headline of an article on the left is an index of UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) and details about the author: initials, surname, science degree, the name of institution. Then goes annotation, key words, and the body of an article. After the body of an article is the list of literature, then goes summary in three languages (Russian, Kazakh and English).

3. To the manuscript of a scientific article are attached:

- expert finding according to publication of an article in public media is permitted;

- article review (except candidates, Doctors of Sciences and PhDs);

- extract from the protocol of Institution’s sub-faculty meeting certified by official seal and a recommendation for publicity of this article.

4. While writing manuscript of a scientific article it is necessary to keep up with the following demands:

- the references on information providers in manuscripts are listed in the text in square brackets as it necessary according to the demands of GOST 7.32-2001, for instance - [1];

- the artwork (diagrams, charts, graphical charts) be formed visually to which must be references in the text of a scientific article. The title should be directly above the artwork in the center of the page according to the GOST 7.32-2001;

- diagrams are formed according to the demands of GOST 7.32-2001.

5. Articles which formation is not meeting the indicated requirements they are not admitted to the publication.

The author(s) are responsible for the context of their scientific articles. The editorial staff reserves the right for publishing or declining manuscript to print. Manuscripts received by the editors do not give back.

We suggest everyone to cooperate and publish their scientific articles in “BAGDAR” and “VESTNIK” magazines.

Materials could be send to:

- PO address: index 010000 Astana Turan Avenue 72